Alex Grinman

Hi there! I'm Alex.

I work at the intersection of product design, engineering, security and cryptographic protocols.

I co-founded (acquired by Akamai), to make strong authentication easy and beautiful to use for consumers and developers. We're the makers of Krypton Authenticator (now Akamai MFA). I worked on everything from building our cryptographic protocols to product design, user-experience, and iOS engineering.

Before, I spent 5.5 years at MIT. I finished my undergrad in 2015 in and my masters in 2016 in computer science + cryptography. I had the privilege of working with Shafi Goldwasser on my master's thesis, Natural Language Processing on Encrypted Patient Data.

Recently, I've been working on a few fun side projects:

  • tunnel to your local web server magically via a public URL
  • One-time drop is an end-to-end encrypted file sharing application.
  • Sift is an iOS Network Sniffer.

I've been making iOS apps for 10+ years -- starting with iOS 3 back when I was in high-school! I built a number of real-time transportation apps with my dad to help commuters in Boston, for example the Greenline app.

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